Apologies for the short notice but www.SmartEmail.com.au will be offline tonight as we're shifting the server.

I recently published a blog post about a spate of worldwide server attacks, you can read the detail on that here - http://www.smarterwebsites.com.au/wordpress-plug-ins/security-update-wordpress-website-owners-warned/

As a result the IP address of Smart Email was compromised several times, then whitelisted again and so it went on.

We're currently setting up our Australian Based Dedicated Server to accommodate the migration of Smart Email which will overcome all of these problems as the new IP address is a confirmed and officially registered whitelisted IP address, with ALL the ISP (Internet Service Providers) in Australia and cannot be compromised.

I am queuing this to occur tonight so Smart Email will be offline for a short period of time and we're endeavouring to be online by the time you wake tomorrow morning.

My apologies again for the short notice but we have your best interests at heart.

Committed To Your Success,

Peter B Butler

ph: 61 8 9439 2820