Here are our Frequently Asked Questions. Hopefully this will “cut to the chase” and answer any queries you may have. If not, please do contact us here at Smart Email so we can update this page. Thanks.

Is there a contract or a minimum contract?


Is there an account set up fee?


What happens if we terminate the contract in regard to our data?

You simply export it to a .csv file from the relative area.

How can I get help?

We have a comprehensive help in several forms –

  • We have question mark icons throughout the system to assist you.
  • A Comprehensive User Guide Manual in the form of a PDF.
  • A Screen Help Guide.
  • We are available for email support.

We can also be contracted to provide training, design templates and even manage campaigns on your behalf.

The system is however simple enough to use and operate and is very user friendly so rarely is there a need for us to be involved. Do contact us here at Smart Email so we talk about that if the need is there.