Selection Criteria - Sales Professional - Websites

Please don't be put off by the questions; we just need to ensure you understand the role you have applied for.

Please can you complete these questions ASAP with your resume re attached.

Is this you?

Is this you? (Friends and colleagues not accepted as reference checks)

Can you tell me briefly what results you have achieved as sales professional (We're looking for actual numbers that can be validated by a referee).

Please tell us briefly about the websites/servcies/products you have sold.

Please tell us briefly about your networking experience and outcomes that have been achieved

Can you outline how you organised your day and the number of cold calls you made and the results you achieved? (We also prefer to get leads via networking as above)

Can you give us an example of the weekly schedule you followed?

What indicates you are a high achiever with the ability to overcome hurdles like rejection?

Why should we hire you?

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These questions should have revealed a lot about the role and our expectations.