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Google requires new accounts to be 'Verified'. They do that via a real printed postcard mailed to your business address with a special verification code. WE NEED THAT CODE! PLEASE make sure that your staff or whoever handles your mail is aware and that this code gets sent to us immediatley via this email address - - Please make a note of this NOW!

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No PTY LTD language, this is your trading name

Is yours a geographical business or would that help position you higher in the search engine results? Are their benefits as it may not be as competitive?

Google allow 4 to 5 categories of the services or product offering you have. Please list them here.

This will appear when someone clicks on your listing in Google's Search Results. A short personable 3 - 7 sentence summary of your business is good (200 Characters Maximum).

Even if it's a home based office an actual address is beneficial to your listing. It HAS TO BE an actual street address, not a PO Box.

This is the phone number and fax you want displayed on this listing.

To set this all up we'll need to do the “Confirmation E-mail" process for all account setups. (That means we'll be asked to verify that we are you, as we are setting this up on your behalf)

We set up an admin@address e-mail and we use that to handle the verification process for you. We can keep that as the ongoing admin address or redirect it to you when the project is done and good to go

We send them all to you. However, when you receive an e-mail from these groups you will need to tick the 'I accept’ confirmation link or subscribe option and forward it to us immediately.

It wil be beneficial for you to review your Googler account after we have done our optimisation to maximise your leverage form this. Remember, play the game with Google and they will play the game with you. Go back in and add photo's, videos, operation hous and as much as Google allow you to do. Make a note to do this!