Logging In to SmartEmail

Take the following steps to log in to the SmartEmail software.

1 Open your Internet browser. Click on this link or enter the www.SmartEmail.com.au/manager into the address bar.

Hit Enter or click Go. You will see the Login Screen.


2 Enter your Username and Password.

3 Select the screen you want to see once you have logged in. See the following pages for more information on each screen:13

Home page: see Using the Home Screen.

My contacts: see Viewing and Managing Contacts.

My contact lists: see Viewing and Managing Contact Lists.

My segments: see Creating, Editing and Viewing Segments.

My SmartEmail campaigns: see Viewing and Managing SmartEmail Campaigns.

My autoresponders: see Viewing Autoresponders.

My campaign statistics: see Viewing SmartEmail Campaign Statistics.

4 If you want the SmartEmail software to remember your Username and Password, click Remember my details. If you do not want the SmartEmail software to remember your details, leave this box unchecked.

Note: Select Remember my details only when you are the only person with access to the computer you are using. NEVER select this on a public computer. Failure to adequately protect the details of your contacts may contravene your local data protection laws.

5 Click Login. If your Username and Password are correct, the screen you selected in step 3 displays.

Note: If you forgot your password, click the Forgot your password? link. A screen displays in which you can enter your Username. Click Send email. A SmartEmail is sent to the SmartEmail address you registered with the SmartEmail software. You can click a link in the SmartEmail to regain access to the SmartEmail software.